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As a small girl I would gather bouquets and leave them on neighbors doorsteps and re-arrange the flowers my father sent my mother!

  My first job was in a flower shop, Seventeen years later I still love what I do and I still leave flowers on doorsteps!


I have been an Floral event manager for the last seven years with seventeen years experience as a floral designer.  I am excited to have opened My Floral Studio -  Budding Inspiration.

I am proud to offer a level of customer service, design, and product unequaled by a traditional florist. 

I can take care of every detail of your event florals and décor from conception to completion. 

I take great pride in getting to know the needs and desires of each client and work tirelessly to exceed their expectations.

We make daily Floral & Gift deliveries from our studio.  Everything we design is a fresh custom design for each client.

I always love to speak with you for more personal experience and also have several clients that order via text and email! Lol...Whatever works! 

We are open long hours and you can contact us anytime! 

I am available to meet with you to discuss your Event or Wedding at the Studio at your convenience, just contact me to schedule an appointment!

I truly get excited about weddings and It is my privilege to play a part in one of the most memorable days of your lives. 

My passion is to capture your unique personality and style to make your wedding beautiful and stress-free (at least where Floral and Décor are concerned!)

I love new exciting fashions and trends and incorporating old elements into new concepts. 

 I love clients with crazy dreams and big ideas!

I highly value originality and love to create something unique.


Flowers are a part of the most important and memorable moments in our lives:

Flowers are given to welcome a new baby to the world,

Flowers are given when falling in love,

When proposing to that special person,

Flowers adorn everything the day you marry the person you love,

They celebrate achievement,

Give comfort,

Flowers are present to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and the Milestones in one's life,

and then finally, Flowers make the last social event held in a persons honor as beautiful, unique, and special as they were.

I, as your floral designer, am privileged to play a part in those moments.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

Kate Ford - 

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